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Whether you are a startup, a small business or a multi-national organization, OctoSocial will help build your following in Social media and help your business grow


What We Do

As a data-driven social media marketing agency, we help you grow your business by helping you create social media strategies that are most suited for your audience. OctoSocial will be your social media partner where we will help you ideate, create and execute the right social media plan for your audience.

Social Media Strategy

We will design a social media strategy by understanding your business, competition landscape and growth opportunities

Social Media Management

We help grow you social media audience across different channels through both organic and paid mediums



What is the OctoSocial client onboarding process?

We start with a discovery call to understand your goals. We will create a social media strategy and upon your sign off we will start with the execution.

What other services does OctoSocial provide?

Our strength is in social media management. However, we also help with other services like SEO, email marketing, content marketing and integrated digital marketing plans

Do you only work with startups and new companies or can you help older, more established businesses as well?

We have experience in working with companies of all sizes. No matter what is the size of your company, you will find our team committed to your success

What is your pricing?

Social media management has so many variables like strategy, content, digital assets, type of social channels we are going to focus and the frequency of posts. We will be able to advise you on the pricing after we do a discovery call with you.


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